This page displays information created and compiled by students from Central York High School in York, PA.

Renewable Resources:

A short Google Earth tour and two slide shows of some of the state parks in Pennsylvania.
*Western PA's slide show...

...and Google Earth tour Eastern PA.

Here is the slide show file if you're having problems viewing.

Click the link below to see a great movie on the paper making process featuring George Glatfelter, president of Glatfelter Paper Co. here in York, PA.
Glatfelter Movie

Of course the sun is out there for everyone to make use is a fun video about the sun created by students.
Sun Music Video

Geothermal Power is really being tapped into in PA - even our school is heated by geothermal sources.

Incinerators are one way to conserve land. Without incinerators we would have many more landfills to mar Earth's surface. Find out more in this slide show.

Here's the file if you need a better view.

Farming in PA includes products from corn to mushrooms to apples. Find out more below.

*a newsletter

*a website
Orchard Website

Animals are abundant throughout PA, find out which animals live in our might be surprised!!!

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Biomass is a great new source of energy. Look for how it is being used as a supplement to other energies.

The Susquehanna River runs through the heart of PA. Find out what's going on in and around the river that makes it one of our favorite places to go.
Susquehanna River Slide Show

Hydroelectric Power is a great way to tap into the power of our flowing rivers. Here is a website that introduces many hydro stations on the Susquehanna River in PA.
Hydroelectric Power in PA Website

Wind can be useful to people around the world. Look at what Pennsylvania is starting to tap into.

Trees are abundant in PA and if managed properly are a healthy renewable resource. Check them out here in the video.
Tree Movie

Non-renewable Resources:

Steel has a big history in PA, find out about it in the following slide show.

Here is the slide show file if you're having problems viewing.

Another resource with a lot of history in PA is coal. This slide show will help you learn about the different types of coal found in PA and how it is used.


Nuclear power has been prevalent in PA for many years, it sometimes gets a bad rap but it produces a lot of energy for us.
Nuclear Power Website

Limestone is quarried all over Pennsylvania. Check out this newsletter and slide show to find out more.

The mass transit system is something that helps to conserve the non-renewable resources we use. Here is a poem written about mass transit and put into a slide show.
Mass Transit Poem